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The World of Inland Marine Insurance is a complex one. Covering industries ranging from construction and transportation to art and theater, underwriting experience is of paramount importance.


The IMpulse Program specializes in small to mid-sized standard and non-standard Inland Marine business. Our expert team is here to focus on your client’s individual needs and will provide you with an unparalleled customer service experience coupled with best in class insurance capacity.

We're practical.  We're efficient.  And most importantly we will get back to you expediently.  Responsiveness is key to helping our brokers get things done within this transactional business segment, and is a cornerstone of our mission statement.  

- Builders Risk / Installation

- Contractors Equipment

- Equipment Sales & Rentals

- Warehouse Legal

- Bailees

- Motor Truck Cargo / Contingent MTC

- Scheduled Property Floaters

- Ancillary Property

- EDP Floaters

- Drones / UAVs

- Non-CAT Difference In Conditions


- Fine Art

- Crypto Mining

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