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Railroad Protective Liability

Railroad Protective Liability (RPL) is a contractually required coverage for 3rd  parties performing work on, for, or near railroad property. The coverage is specific to the project scope and location of the work for which it is required. At Balance Partners we seamlessly bridge the gap between the needs of the Contractors and Railroads.


  • A+ XV Carrier

  • Admitted Paper

  • Pre-Bid

    • Bind-able indications with required underwriting data​

    • Developer/contractor specific rating matrices

    • Design phase/construction phase cost savings

  • Post Bid

    • 24 hour formal quote turnaround​

    • Same day binder turnaround

    • 48 hour policy turnaround

    • Same day change endorsements

    • 2 week project end notification

  • 24/7 railroad claims services

  • Dedicated team with industry knowledge in construction and railroad industries


  • ISO 00 35 04 13 Coverage Form - approved form of the Railroad Insurance Management Association

  • Occurrence based form

  • Defense outside limits

  • Low premiums:

    • $2MM/$6MM - $2,000​

    • $5MM/$10MM - $3,000

  • No AP for extension endorsements (no change in CV and within calendar year)

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