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Archer - Transactional Liability

Archer Transactional specializes in transaction liability insurance policies. Our team of experienced lawyers/underwriters provides the highest level of end-to-end service to its brokers, insureds, and their counsel, from the time of submission through claims resolution. With highly rated insurance backers, Archer provides unparalleled partnership with stakeholders operating in the capital markets.

Archer provides the following insurance coverage:

  • Representation & Warranty Insurance Policies for merger & acquisitions that provide coverage for losses arising out of breaches of representations and warranties given by the sellers of target companies.

  • Contingent Liability Insurance Policies for a broad range of contingent risks, including litigation buyout policies, judgment preservation policies, adverse judgment policies, and any other contingent risks that insureds are facing that can be underwritten.

  • Tax Indemnity Insurance Policies for known tax risks, including reserved tax exposures, corporate transaction tax risks, solar and wind tax credits, and any other known tax risks that can be underwritten.

  • Secondary Transaction Insurance Policies for representations and warranties given in secondary transactions into private equity or other private capital investing funds

  • Real Estate Transaction Insurance Policies for representations and warranties given in the acquisition of REIT funds or standalone real estate.

Focusing on the mid-market to the smaller mid-market, Archer underwrites a broad range of target companies.


  • Offered in all 50 states

  • Target companies must be U.S.-domiciled businesses

  • Syndicated capacity with insurers rated by S&P at “A” or better, and by A.M. Best at “A” or better

  • Policies are only on non-admitted paper

  • Policy limits up to $25M 

  • Transaction values up to $2BB

  • Interim breach coverage available for additional premium when requested


  • Experienced underwriting eliminates execution risk

  • Shorter underwriting calls without underwriting counsel participation

  • Extremely responsive domestic insurer leads Archer’s syndicated insurance capacity

  • Insureds will experience one of the most professional and commercial underwriting approaches in the market.

  • Archer has internal claims handling authority and is backed by insurers that have collectively paid tens of millions of dollars in claims on transactional liability policies

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