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Commercial Firearms Property and Casualty Program

Action Underwriting is a Commercial Property and Casualty Program MGA Serving the

Firearms and Ammunition Industry


Commercial General Liability

  • Premises Only or Products Only

  • Premises /Products Liability

  • Personal and Advertising Injury Liability


  • Fire

  • Allied Lines

Firearms Program Endorsements

  • Limited design E&O

  • Professional for Firearms Instructors 

  • Gunsmith & Property Damage Extension - CCC

  • ATF Proceeding Coverage Endorsement

  • Limited Pollution for Non-Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing/ Non-Manufacturing
(Multi-Line Casualty and Property)

  • Primary GL $1M/$2M

  • Excess $5M

GL Minimum Premiums

  • $5,000 - Firearms Manufacturing and Serialized Parts Manufacturing 
    Manufacturing and Serialized Parts

  • $2,500 - All Other

Excess and Property Minimum Premiums

  • $1,500 - Property Minimum

  • $2,000 - Excess Per Layer


Jon Wayne Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Taylor is a current Federal Firearms License holder, registered manufacturer with Special Occupation Tax permit, who has been directly involved in the manufacturing and sales of firearms and firearms parts for decades.  Additionally, Mr. Taylor is the former Executive Director for Economic Development and Tourism for the State of Texas.    He’s also an avid writer about firearms and hunting, with over 400 articles published online and in print.   Jon Wayne is also a former US Army Medic with multiple combat deployments, a US Military Police and US Military Medical Advisor, and former police officer. Mr. Taylor still regularly engages in training domestic law enforcement on the use of firearms, as well as Tactical Combat Casualty Care.  Mr. Taylor is a Texas licensed General Lines Property and Casualty Agent, Managing General Agent, and Surplus Lines Agent. 

Stacia Timmons-Gill

Director of Underwriting

Stacia Timmons-Gill is the Direct of Underwriting for Action Underwriting LLC and has been in the insurance industry for 39 years, with 24 in the E&S industry.  Stacia has been a firearms underwriting specialist for 3+ years and has developed a comprehensive understanding of the specialized underwriting necessary for this market.  She is an NRA certified Range Safety Officer (RSO), a rifle instructor and shotgun instructor.  

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