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Trustee Liability

Nomadx, in partnership with Balance Partners, provides professional liability insurance exclusively for trustees. The trust business is complex and having a knowledgeable underwriter who understands trusts is critical to ensuring you’re properly covered. We’ve created an insurance program specifically geared to protect trustees, and our application process makes obtaining coverage easy.

Coverages & Limits:

- Limits of liability up to $5 million

- Blanket coverage for trusts

- Broad definition of trustee duties, including both fiduciary and non-fiduciary roles

- No failure to effect or maintain insurance exclusion

- Prior acts coverage available

- 80/20 Hammer Clause

- Coverage available for SPVs

- Cyber liability

- Employee theft available

- General liability on claims-made basis

Target Classes:

- Trusts with assets $5 million+

- Independent and professional trustees

- Co-trustees with institutional trustees

- Agent for trustee

Excluded Classes:

- Family member trustees unless co-trustee, appointed an agent for trustee, or serving in

a directed trust capacity


- Actuary

- Broker/dealer services

- Certified financial planner

- Healthcare

- Legal

- Licensed insurance agent or broker

- Securities or investment advisor

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