Steward, New Environmental Assurance Program Launches

Balance Partners is pleased to announce the launch of its Environmental Practice, Steward. Effective 5/4, Steward has secured A XV Non-Admitted capacity to offer coverage for Contractors Pollution Liability (EnviroTask with optional coverage for Contractors Professional Liability), and Pollution Legal Liability (EnviroGap). EnvrioTask was designed to address contract insurance requirements to get contractors into compliance and onto the jobsite; while EnviroGap was established to address gaps in standard liability and property policies to provide protection against environmental pollution loss.

Both product lines will offer limits up to $5,000,000. Targeted classes of business will include but not be limited to: General Contractors, Construction (Commercial and Residential), Plumbing, Electrical, Fire/Water Restoration, HVAC/Mechanical, Excavation, Paving, Painting, Roofing and Utilities for EnviroTask and Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality, Industrial and Public Entity properties for EnviroGap..

For quotations or further information on these product offerings, please contact Brad Maurer.

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