Crown Jewel Insurance

Balance Partners has partnered with Crown Jewel Insurance (CJI) to write insurance products in the Cyber, Intellectual Property and E&O sectors. Products offered through our partnership will be written on A XV paper and include:

  • VendorGuard: Contract specific technology E&O coverage designed to support mid-size to F500 companies (owners/sponsors) in their vendor governance programs. Program assists with compliance requirements around use of third party services provides as custodians of data and/or providers of critical up-time plus lays off risk appropriately to supplement the Sponsors’ own E&O/cyber program;

  • FranchiseGuard: Franchisors should be concerned about the fact that most franchisees do not have stand-alone cyber insurance and may not know how to respond to a breach in such a way that meets regulatory requirements and protects the franchisor’s brand. Up to 60% of small businesses do not survive a security or privacy breach. Franchisees are not “employees” and therefore generally not Insureds under the Corporate/Franchisor Cyber program, though some may not even realize this fact; and

  • InvestorGuard: Cyber coverage provided through investment clearinghouses or their “advisor support services firms” (the Sponsors) to their Registered Investment Advisors and/or broker/dealers.

CJI is changing the way insurance is distributed in these spaces in that they are pushing insurance for smaller companies through their larger and most important stakeholders. These products address some of the most difficult challenges these companies face dealing with both upstream and downstream cyber and technology exposures.

Balance Partners and CJI coming together creates a partnership that solves for the operational, underwriting, and administrative aspect of each program.

Please contact Mary Guzman at or Lindsey Smith at to discuss any of the aforementioned products further.

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