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Balance Partners is Excited to Announce AJ Cericola Joining the Team

We are pleased to announce the appointment of AJ Cericola as our new Chief Acquisitions Officer. With an extensive background in strategic mergers and acquisitions, AJ brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. His leadership and proven ability to navigate complex deals will be instrumental as we continue to partner with other organizations to build the very best in specialty insurance. AJ will play a pivotal role in driving our company's growth and success in the years ahead.


AJ Cericola, CVA, MBA, has 15+ years of experience in M&A, inclusive of due diligence, sourcing, financial analysis, and deal integration. Most of his time has been spent in the insurance industry at a top national insurance acquirer and before that at a top 10 national accounting firm where he was exposed to a variety of disciplines including audit, tax, and advisory services. His leadership has been characterized by a track record of building strong partnerships, cultivating synergies, and delivering value for stakeholders. 


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