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Florida Excess Ex-Cat Property Insurance

Balance Partners has launched an Excess Property Program offered exclusively in the State of Florida. “FLexx” (Florida Ex-CAT Excess) offers excess property coverage above primary All Risks and/or Ex-Cat business, allowing our clients to build up to full limits on property risks. Target Classes, Terms and Conditions are listed below:


  • Offered in Florida (Ex. CAT only)

  • A++ Superior Insurance Capacity  

  • Non-Admitted Paper

  • Policy Limits up to $15MM (Higher Limits Available Upon Request)

  • TIV's up to $100MM (Higher TIV'Available Upon Request)

  • $15,000 Minimum Premiums

  • $5MM Minimum Attachment Point

  • All construction types​


  • Apartments (incl. Garden Style) with or without Mercantile

  • Condominiums & Town Homes

  • Co-ops

  • Building Owners - Lessor's Risk exposures only

  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Properties

  • Membership Organizations

  • Educational Services

  • Health Services

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