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Habitational Package & Excess Program

Our focus is writing Package Insurance for Condominiums, Cooperative and Rental Apartments. . We differ in that our focus is on our client, the insured. To support our goals, we have developed unique, cutting-edge processes that distinguish us from our competitors. At Aspyre, we are transforming the insurance industry by placing the spotlight on our clients.


  • Provide our agents and clients with a broad array of coverages to meet clients insurance needs

  • Deliver exceptional customer service, especially when a claim occurs

  • Produce premium savings over time by:

    • Reducing administration expenses

    • Employing vigilant underwriting & risk management measures

  • Exclusive Product

  • 24-48 hour quote turn around time

  • 24/7 Dedicated claim service


  • Admitted Carrier

  • A- IX Best Carrier (supported by A+ Superior reinsurance capacity)

  • Total Property TIV up to $35MM (per location)

  • Flood coverage up to $5MM (per location)

  • Earthquake coverage up to $5MM (per location)

  • Boiler & Equipment Breakdown

  • Crime coverage

  • Extended coverages with higher limits

  • Replacement Cost Coverage

  • General Liability Limits $1MM/$2MM

  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability

  • Employee Benefits Liability

  • Excess Liability Limit of $5MM available 

  • Available in New York

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