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Apartment Package Program
Our focus is writing Package Insurance for the owners of Multi-Family Rental buildings. We differ in that our focus is on our client, the insured. To support our goals, we have developed unique, cutting-edge processes that distinguish us from our competitors. At Aspyre, we are transforming the insurance industry by placing the spotlight on our clients.


  • Provide our agents and clients with a broad array of coverages to meet clients insurance needs

  • Deliver exceptional customer service, especially when a claim occurs

  • Produce premium savings over time by:

    • Reducing administration expenses

    • Employing vigilant underwriting & risk management measures

  • Exclusive Product

  • 24-48 hour quote turn around time

  • 24/7 Dedicated claim service


  • Admitted Carrier

  • A– VIII AM Best Carrier (Supported by A+ Superior reinsurance capacity)

  • Total Property TIV up to $25MM (per location)

  • Flood coverage up to $5MM (per location)

  • Earthquake coverage up to $5MM (per location)

  • Boiler & Equipment Breakdown

  • Crime coverage

  • Extended coverages with higher limits

  • Replacement Cost Coverage

  • General Liability Limits $1MM/$2MM

  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability

  • Employee Benefits Liability

  • Umbrella Limits up to $25MM 

  • Available in New York


Brian Janitschke

Product Lead

Brian is the architect behind the Aspyre Program. With over 30 years in the insurance space, he brings a unique and cutting edge approach to the industry.​With past experience of managing over $500MM in premium, he is a force to be reckoned with. Brian has always found new ways of approaching the marketplace.

"People that say "it's always been done this way", will always remain in the same place."

-Brian Janitschke

Leah has comprehensive experience underwriting Habitational risks in New York, and other states across the country, as well as, other lines of business.  Leah came to us from Seneca Insurance, where the majority of her business was Habitational risks within the 5 boroughs.  Prior to her Seneca experience, she was a renewal underwriter with Selective Insurance in the Mid-Atlantic region where she was underwriting all lines of business.  Leah believes that Balance Partners and the Aspyre program have a unique and exceptional product.

Leah Harris


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